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Stain Remover

Stain Remover

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Experience the Perfect Night Out with Confidence! Smile Brilliant's Night Out! Dental Stain Concealer is your secret weapon against those last-minute teeth stains that can dampen your confidence before stepping out. Utilizing our exclusive Color Science Technology™, this innovative concealer effectively eliminates yellow hues and restores your bright white smile in just 60 seconds. It may sound like magic, but it's science at work! While it won't perform miracles to remove all stains instantly, it's your go-to solution to mask those yellow hues as you head out the door. Our rich violet gel is specially crafted to neutralize tooth discoloration safely, thanks to its water-soluble and chemical-free formula. Think of it like purple shampoo for your teeth, as purple is the complementary opposite of yellow on the color spectrum. Just as purple shampoos combat unwanted brassiness in blonde hair, Smile Brilliant's Color Science Technology™ neutralizes yellow hues, revealing a vibrant white and neutral tone. Achieve visibly brighter teeth in just 60 seconds, and seize your night out with a confident smile!

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