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Sofa Storage Bag

Sofa Storage Bag

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Introducing our Oxford Storage Bag, a versatile solution designed to enhance your daily life with effortless organization. Crafted from high-quality Oxford material, this storage bag embodies durability and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Become a master of organization with this multifunctional storage bag, where every item finds its designated place. Its moisture-proof construction guarantees suitability for prolonged use, safeguarding your belongings from environmental factors.

Perfectly tailored for storing magazines, remote controls, and various essentials, this storage bag effortlessly streamlines your living space. Embrace the convenience and elegance of an organized lifestyle with our Oxford Storage Bag, your indispensable companion for tidiness and efficiency.

5 small slots and one large pocket
Size: approx. 55.5x32 cm
Net weight: 248g
Package weight: 278g

Package Includes:
1 x sofa arm organizer bag with 6 pockets
1 x pad

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