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Shotgun Shell Shot Glass

Shotgun Shell Shot Glass

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Achieve a real sense of style for any drinking game or anytime you're having drinks with friends, the Shotgun Shell Shot Glass and Acrylic Server Tray. This unique shot glass set features the exact same shape of a 12-gauge shotgun shell and holds up to 1.4 ounces / 40 ml. Perfect for making shots, mixed drinks, whiskey sours, cocktails, beer plus more - and it makes an excellent outdoor gift idea for hunting aficionados. The tray is constructed with high quality durable acrylic and comes complete with matching colored screw fasteners to secure 4 individual shot glasses (diameter less than 3.8 cm). With four unique colors to choose from – red, black, green, and yellow - you can easily set up your own mini bar with these vividly coloredShotgun Shell Shot Glasses. Money well spent if you're looking for a reliable source of alcohol service right at home!

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