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Puppy Bath Massage Gloves

Puppy Bath Massage Gloves

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Introducing the Puppy Bath Massage Gloves – a delightful and efficient way to pamper your furry friend while keeping them clean and happy. These specially designed gloves combine the joys of bath time with the soothing benefits of a massage. The gentle silicone bristles work their magic, creating a luxurious lather while effectively removing dirt and loose fur, leaving your pup's coat soft and shiny. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to reach every nook and cranny. Turn bath time into a bonding experience as your pet revels in the relaxing massage-like sensation. Elevate your pup's grooming routine with the Puppy Bath Massage Gloves – the perfect blend of cleanliness and comfort that your furry companion deserves.





Type: Dogs
Size: 8.5x7.9x5.5cm
Origin: Mainland China
Model Number: RGJS
Material: Other
Dropshipping: Yes
Brand Name: VIE LENTE

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