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75 gpd RO Membrane ULP1812-75 Reverse Osmosis Membrane for Water Filter

75 gpd RO Membrane ULP1812-75 Reverse Osmosis Membrane for Water Filter

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Brand Name: coronwater

Origin: Mainland China

Lifetime: 12 Months

Filter Precision: 0.00001

Material: RO membrane element

Certification: CE

Type: Residential RO membrane

Permeate Flow Rate: 75 gallons per day

Average Rejection: 97.5%

Certificated: NSF 58

Model: ULP1812-75

75gpd RO Membrane ULP1812-75 for Water Filter Reverse Osmosis

ULP1812-75 residential RO membrane element is designed to thin layer composite to provide high quality water filtration from a wide range of water source. Each membrane is packaged 100% dry for extended shelf-life and are built to standard dimensions so that it will fit common membrane housings. ULP1812-75 membrane can work under low pressure with 75 gpd permeate flow rate and is tested and certified by NSF/ANSI to standard 58.


  • Innovative thin layer composite membrane design

  • Provides high rejection stability even with high TDS

  • Less fouling, Less frequency cleaning and more consistent

  • 100% dry membrane maximizing shelf life

  • Lower consumption of chemical and longer life

  • Standard dimensions to fit in commonly available housings

  • Eligible for NSF/ANSI 58 certificated



  • Average Permeate 75 Gpd

  • Stable Rejection 97.5%

  • Minimum Rejection 96%

  • Dimension 1.81"x 11.73" (46x 298mm)

(Testing condition: pressure 60psi, concentration 250ppm, temperature 25C, pH 6.5-8.5, recovery rate 15%)


  • Maximum Working Pressure: 300psi (2.07Mpa)

  • Maximum Feed water Temperature: 45C


  • Purify varying qualities of municipal water

  • Water for restaurants

  • Water vending machines

  • Aquarium water treatment

  • Softened water for homes, hotels, commercial laundries and car washes

  • Post-treatment of deionized water

  • Pure water for pharmaceuticals, laboratories and electronics Hemodialysis

  • Oil/water separation

NSF/ANSI 42&58 Certificated and WQA Certify

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Don't forget to choose a alkaline water filter for your purified RO water. and ship together to save.

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