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Wireless USB Electric Juicer Cup

Wireless USB Electric Juicer Cup

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Craft your perfect beverage within moments using the Wireless Electric Juicer Cup. This compact and portable juicer, compatible with USB, revolutionizes the blending process for your beloved fruits and vegetables. Seamlessly switch between milkshake, smoothie, or extracted juice modes with its versatile functions, ensuring your nutrition and taste preferences are met flawlessly. Tailored for the dynamic lifestyle, the Wireless Electric Juicer Cup slots effortlessly into handbags, briefcases, or backpacks, making it your companion on every journey. Tailor your experience by selecting from a range of power settings to satiate your healthful cravings, liberating you from the shackles of expensive store-bought beverages. With this robust appliance at your disposal, welcome the era of homemade, nutrient-packed refreshments – whenever and wherever you desire.






Pro Version (USB) Basic Version (USB)
Knife head type: four knife head
Product capacity: 350ML
Juicer maximum speed: 18001 rpm (included)-2000 rpm (included)
Whether built-in battery: built-in battery
Input: DC5V-1A
Battery voltage: 7.4V-1400mAh
Rated power: 50W
Product weight: 490g (gross weight 625g)
Product size: 82*82*218mm

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