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Spider Web Shooters Toy

Spider Web Shooters Toy

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Kids, you don’t have to wait to be bitten by a radioactive spider to get your hands on some cool superpowers. Our amazingly realistic Spider Web Shooters Toy is here to make your dreams of becoming a superhero come true! These web shooters are made of high quality raw materials that are light-curing 3D printing, so you can count on the quality of the product as well as the fun factor.

Nothing says “awesome” like a Spider Web Launcher that can shoot webs at the touch of a button, with magnets and suction cups for maximum sticking power. And unlike a spider that shares its web, our shooter has a nifty auto-rewind function for repeated launches. So, your kids can let their imaginations go wild and role play superheroes with hero iconic moves, suitable for Halloween, birthday parties, theme parties, stage performances, or just some good old-fashioned backyard fun. 

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