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Handheld Metal Detector GA Auxiliary Positioning Rod Waterproof Security Detector Foreign Order Export

Handheld Metal Detector GA Auxiliary Positioning Rod Waterproof Security Detector Foreign Order Export

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Amazon Sell ​​through, Ebay wish best selling metal detectors, we are looking for nationwide distributors; all products have English instructions and come with colorful outer packaging. Dropshipping worldwide!!!

======Contact information======


Q Q: 331365118

======Ordering Instructions======
1. This is an indicative price. Please contact the salesperson for detailed prices. Different quantities have different prices. The larger the quantity, the better the price.
2. You must pay the sample fee first when sending samples..
3. Our factory’s payment method: sign a production contract, pay a 30% deposit, and pay the balance before leaving the factory.




1. Product description:

GARRETT PRO-POINTER handheld metal detector is a handheld metal detector,All accessories are made of high-quality components, with 360-degree scanning, LED light indication, stable performance, durability, simple operation, light and beautiful appearance, and crisp and loud sound. They are mainly used for checking suspects, such as security searches, andUnlisted metal detection sites, etc. Using this handheld metal detector for personal inspection can avoid human rights disputes caused by manual searches.

2. Features and scope of use

1. The operation is simple and convenient, and you can find evidence faster.
2. Sound and vibration alarm simultaneously.
3. Automatic adjustment, no need to reset.
4. Positioning instructions, 360-degree scanning in all directions.
5. With LED flash, convenient for use in dim light or at night��Use.
6. Equipped with a professional leather case for easy portability.
7. Waterproof design, more versatile.
8. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification
9. The product has passed the EU CE certification

Product application:

1. This metal detector can be applied to security inspections at airports, stations, terminals, etc.
2. It can be applied to customs, public security, border defense, andSafety inspections by authoritative institutions.
3. Product quality testing of medicine and food.
4. Prisons, etc.Security inspection of important addresses and places.
5. Suitable for inspection of precious metals, such as gold and silver jewelry manufacturers.

3. Technical parameters

1. Detection sensitivity: detects RMB one-yuan coins, the detection distance is ≥3 cm
2. Alarm method: sound and light vibration synchronous alarm
3. Power supply: 9-volt square battery (6F22ND battery) (charger optional)
4. Working temperature: -37℃ to 70℃
5. Appearance size: 23*4*4cm
6. Net weight: 175g
7. Gross weight: 238g
8. Color box size: 24.5*6*6cm










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