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Barking Control Devices

Barking Control Devices

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Introducing our Anti Barking Device – the ultimate solution for effective dog training and bark control. This versatile device features an ultrasonic releasing mode, a beep training mode, and an LED flashlight mode, making it a comprehensive tool for teaching your furry friend good behavior. Without causing any harm, it can help curb unwanted habits like excessive barking, digging, scratching, and more. Designed to be safe for humans, as our ears can't detect these frequency bands, dogs are sensitive to these ultrasounds. The Anti Barking Device offers three different sound wave options – stable frequency, undulating frequency, and irregular frequency – to prevent dogs from becoming accustomed to a single sound pattern. Plus, it's rechargeable for your convenience, with a quick 1 to 2-hour full charge providing approximately 12 days of regular use. Equipped with unique speakers that reach up to 16.4 ft, this device makes public training sessions with your dog a breeze. Say goodbye to endless hassle and hello to effective training with our Anti Barking Device.

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